My computer will OBEY!

Had a thought the other day, it went something like this:
"People program the computers. The computers will not program the people."

Just finished up my latest map/level for Doom the other week. I'm behind on my beginning of the year annual tune up of my computers. I usually get that done in January about the time I'm doing my taxes for the previous year. This year, I had quite a few things on my plate and just got behind. Anyhow, while working on Doom mapping over 2022, there were a number of things about my setup here that annoyed the living crap out of me. Tonite, one of those gremlins was slayed. I would like to thank user named qbm0000 for this and, in fact, I'm going to be directly quoting the portion of the page I found his/her solution on.

What am I getting at? Glad you asked! I do my map authoring for Doom on an old spare computer of mine because it's running Windows XP. The reason that's important is because I use a tool called DoomBuilder (version 1.68) to accomplish this feat. I cannot get this tool to function in its entirety in WINE on my Linux computer where I live. Yes, I live in a Linux box; it's bigger on the inside!

dumb error message

The error you see here is the result of attempting to run Zandronum version 3.1 on this Windows XP computer slave box of mine. It's the reason my last several releases state in their corresponding .txt files
Tested in:
Zandronum 3.1 for Linux
Zandronum 3.0 for Windows
A quick Google search for bcrypt.dll yields the following information from the Major Geeks website:

Bcrypt.dll is part of the Microsoft Windows Cryptographic Primitives Library, a general purpose, software-based, cryptographic module. BCRYPT.DLL provides cryptographic services in Windows Vista through Windows 10 components and application. Getting a bcrypt.dll error is rare (congratulations) but relatively easy to solve.

Key operating sentence there is the part about "Windows Vista through Windows 10". Windows XP is older than Vista. I don't expect software authors to support an old operating system forever. But for the life of me, I couldn't figure out what the F a Doom port game needs a cryptographic library for! By that same token, I have absolutely no desire to fork over any more dough (or hard drive space) to house another Microsoft operating system. The computer otherwise works fine for my meager purposes.

Well, in this process of tuning up my computers, I decided to try to do something about this and once again, thanks to qbm0000 for helping me out! So, I did all the things about to follow in this paragraph and YES, it worked!

Re: Missing "bcrypt.dll" on Windows XP.

by qbm0000 - Fri Jan 01, 2021 6:22 am

    preserve wrote:
    Sat Dec 26, 2020 6:52 am
    Can you share the compiled result?

I just happened to check back on a whim, and noticed your response.

I'm not comfortable uploading binaries here.

I'll walk you through it using the old version of MinGW (3.4.2) that comes with the old version of Bloodshed Dev-C++ ( This is a very old compiler, but it should be sufficient for this. The download is <9MB.

Proceed through the setup.

On the "Choose components" part, it's up to you. Definitely leave "MinGW compiler system" checked. Starting from "Typical", I would suggest leaving "Help files" and "Create shortcuts in Start Menu" checked. I would recommend unchecking "Associate C and C++ files" and "Create Quick Launch shortcut". (I like having the files associated with Notepad.)

The default folder is "C:\Dev-Cpp", and I'll assume you install there.

It asks whether you want to install for all users. It probably won't matter, but I'm choosing "Yes".

After installation, you don't have to run Dev-C++. If you do, it will ask you a few configuration questions. But we won't be using the IDE. We'll be compiling directly from the command line.

Now, you can create a new folder. I'll assume you create a folder named "bcrypt" in your "C:" drive.

Extract the following Zip file into that folder.

bcrypt 2021 01 01

alternate (if that link is ever down)

Now, go to the "Start" menu, "All Programs", "Accessories", and run "Command Prompt".


    cd \bcrypt
    copy bcrypt.dll "c:\program files\makemkv\"

The result should look something like this:

That should do it.

I edited my earlier post to update the source code.

Please let me know if it works, or if you have trouble.

Original source document:

Just a little note from me here; Obviously, this post and qmb0000's response had nothing to do with Zandronum. That's why the recommended place to put the resulting bcrypt.dll file is c:\program files\makemkv\. You can put it where you think it makes sense. That could be in your Zandronum program directory. In my case, I just slapped that b*tch into my Windows\System32 directory, so at least we know it works that way!

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