Yavin's Clone

Can't find the download for Yavin's Clone?

It's been updated.

Download Monsta BBQ.

Yavin's Clone is Map02 in that file.

Inspired by the gas giant planet I stuck up in the sky, I called this map Yavin's Clone. That's because I'm super-creative and don't really give a shit; I just like to name my maps stuff I know already doesn't exist and sounds F'd up. Here are some screenshots:

I replaced the Spectre monster with one that's visible. I never did care for the almost invisible monster in DooM. I actually used about three of them in the Icabod's Demise (map11) level of Chap DM 3. The more times I played it, the less I cared for them in general. Anyhow, this replacement has a very bright pain state as shown:

At the bottom of the above picture, notice my latest weapon. I call it Master Blaster. Yah, just like Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome. It's a weapon that fires a Sour Face monster. As you can see, by launching a monster this way, it defaults to being an ally for the player. Cool, I can have minions!

More dead bodies on the floor; casualties of war:

So, Mr. Spectre replacement, n.k.a., River Raider, is just mostly gray when running around lookin' for some face to gnaw on. I gave his horns and toes a paint job in shades of tan/brown. Eyes lean toward orange. When dead, they leave a purple body on the ground. This is the first time I used purple as a blood color on any of my monsters. I'm so happy the good folks at ZDoom/Zandronum matched their purple with the hues of purple I'm using in my custom color palette!

Here the River Raider has his gaping mouth open to chew on one of the other monsters in this scene. The bright red demon closer in this pic is the newly repainted Electrodemon in the final state before its distance attack.

I have no idea why I screw with stuff I've already made. It's not that I was unhappy with the original Electrodemon monster I completed a year ago already. I guess I just thought it would look better if I changed it up in this map.

Here's Electrodemon in the thick of things in an active distance attack:

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