zdaemon suckz entered the game.
Phineas: hehe, nice moniker
zdaemon suckz: yup
Phineas was mowed down by zdaemon suckz's chaingun.
zdaemon suckz: is this deathmatch?
Phineas: dm with monsters
Phineas killed himself.
Five minutes remain!
zdaemon suckz was blasted by the Cacolich
Phineas was blasted by the Cacolich
client zdaemon suckz disconnected.

This is far from the first time I've answered this question in-game; the server you joined said:

Chap: Corporate Headquarters (w/Monsters)

and here they are...

I just don't get it. I understand that this kind of play is not what everyone is used to. I guess a little explanation of my personal history with Doom is in order here.

I join everything late. When Doom came out, I was busy playing Krusty's Fun House and Lemmings. I had a roommate who regularly played Doom, Heretic and Hexen. But it just wasn't my bag at the time. Eventually, I had moved and had other roommates who had friends, who came over and played networked Doom deathmatch. This would've been 1997 and as I said, I join everything late. Friend of roommate convinced me to install Windows 95 on my computer for the first time for the express purpose of joining this Doom LAN party stuff. Prior to then, I was running either DOS or OS/2 Warp depending on my mood at the time.

Years later, I find myself raising two boys who belonged to my girlfriend of the day. I'd upgraded their terrible 286 Packard Bell computer to a 486 Packard Bell motherboard that I'd received for free from someone who no longer wanted it.

picture of Packard Bell 286 PC

With that upgrade from the 286, the boys weren't limited to playing just Wolfenstein 3d anymore:

screenshot of Wolfenstein 3d

They could now play DooM!

All this was probably about 2002. Over time, the boys grew older and bigger and hungrier for video games. I let them know that Doom was much bigger than Doom and Doom II, that there were also user-made WAD files filled with fans' outpouring of level design. Furthermore, I also clued them into deathmatch play where they could blast each other over a network. In my search for more WAD files for them to play, I found something new to me: a Doom source-port called Doom Legacy. And I downloaded it, and I read about it. Legacy had some neat features which were more like newer first-person shooters;

  • the ability to look up and down
  • I can jump?!?!
  • higher graphic resolution modes than 320x200
  • network play based on TCP/IP. No more hassles with IPX/SPX bull$hit!!

It should be noted that I barely knew what the f**k I was doing with this stuff. But it was my job to read the FAQs and configure the command-lines to start the games because, well, they're still kids, used to playing stinking Pokemon on their cheesy Game Boy Colors. So, due to my ineptness at configuring this stuff, I'd not get everything right all of the time. And when we'd be killing each other on the LAN, sometimes there were monsters there too! I'd forget about the "-nomonsters" switch on the command-line! And you know what? It was alright because WE HAD FUN!

speedy little bugger!

Eventually, we discovered ZDoom and ZDaemon as well. One thing I liked about ZDaemon was its client/server architecture, instead of the peer-to-peer network model used in both Doom and Doom Legacy. What was neat about that was I didn't have to restart the game for two players when one kid decided he was tired and went to bed. The other thing I liked was I could use the ZLauncher interface after they were both down for the night to peruse what were the "new" wad files in use out there on the Internet. If something was fun, I'd let them know the next night. And y'know 2004-2005 was a real FUN time for Doom on the Internet.

During this time, the boys' interest in how to make their own custom maps required me to learn how so I could teach them. Remember? I'm the one who reads! Anyhow, I'm also the one who pays and I needed to get three jobs to pay the bills and eventually the boys grew up. Over the last four and a half years, when I do have some spare time, I like to map for Doom. I dare say I might even be getting better at mapping. There's so much nuance and attention to minute detail in doing this kind of thing well. I find it fascinating, hard work that's also fun.

But I'd also like to say that online, where the master ZDaemon servers are, it seems like deathmatch mode of play is stuck in some weird rut. I can say that some of those maps up there running are classics like judas23 and the always-been-awesome Dweller maps. But do we really need seven different servers all running greenwar or dwango5? Where's the variety that was there eight-nine years ago? So, I try to do something about it; I map. And whenever I can, I run servers with other maps by other people I've found to be fun in the past, or through my current play-reviewing of both old and new files. These maps are usually up on a ZDaemon server I host. But when I want to have some monsters in a deathmatch map, I'll run a Zandronum server that way.

And if you join in on my public server, that's great! The more the merrier. I don't give a crap about experience points so you'll never get any added to your accrual playing on my servers. But you might get something you hadn't thought you could have...

  • cacodemon
  • cacolich
  • enhancedCaco
  • plasmaElemental
  • nightmareCaco
  • cacolanternclone



The playmode is



Coming soon...

Stay tuned...