Test Pattern Junkie

Chap# 16101
Health 225
Speed 10
PainChance 120
Projectile attack None
Melee attack standard Demon gnawing
Appears in Yavin's Clone

Test Pattern Junkie is really just a stronger (more hit points) Demon. At 225, it sits halfway between the standard Demon's 150 and the Electrodemon's 300. The color shifting stripey pattern is actually semi-modeled on an old arcade game's monster called "Baddy", believe it or not, in Mr. Do! In that game, the baddies could only travel in pre-dug hallways. If they got stuck for some reason, like on the edge of a blocking apple, then after some time, they'd change into this striped character which could dig through dirt as easily as the game's player character and namesake.

I'd put a monster closet into Yavin's Clone with the intention of it only being opened by a trigger monster in Ultra Violence DM mode. I stocked this closet with Electrodemons and Mechademons. Very late in the process of creating this level, I began testing that monster closet. Mechademon's death-spawned mechanical leg monster would wipe out too many of the Electrodemons before they'd had a chance to properly terrorize the player. This nullified the closet as the gimmick it was meant to be. Therefore, I sought a different monster to cohabitate with the Electrodemon. I didn't really want to go back to just using stock Demons either. More time at the drawing board yielded just what I needed in the Test Pattern Junkie.

Fast forward to me monkeying around with doing replacements of the health bonuses in Darkwave's Moonhenge. This for just my DooM playing pleasure. I had a vision of making some pods like from the movie Alien to spawn monsters. I never put invisibility spheres in any of my maps anymore so the PINS graphic was just there doing nothing. I ended up doing a recolor of that as well as adding one more frame to the animation. Now the former invisibility sphere is an obstacle with a height and width. As a monster, it has the hit points and stats of the zombieman. But unlike zombieman, it never fires a shot. Too, its speed is zero so it won't pursue you either. If you're dumb enough to kill one, however, it spawns the Test Pattern Junkie demon. Lotso fun!