Sour Grape


Sour Grape has been updated.

Download Carcinobus.

There are two different color-schemed versions within.

Chap# 16111
Health 100
Speed 8
PainChance 256
Projectile attack Lost Soul charge
Melee attack Demon face gnawing, really fast piranha-style
Appears in Dystopian Playground, Mining Praxis, Yavin's Clone, Monsta BBQ, Mo'Tanky Enemeesh

The Sour Grape filled my desire to have a monster launched by a Doomguy's weapon in Dystopian Playground. I called that weapon a Cacolauncher and its merely a rocket launcher with a red color. It takes ordinary rocket ammo and when fired, distributes a Sour Grape projectile. When that projectile hits a floor, wall or some other obstruction, it ceases to exist, "Rocket Death", and DropItem is called to place the Sour Grape monster at that death location. Therefore, the Sour Grape monster didn't need an Actor/Thing number when used in Dystopian Playground. One is provided here to place the monster on a map during level creation. I borrowed elements of the Cacodemental's particle explosion death sequence which were based on the random bounciness code found in Modohfun!.pk3 by Darsycho and UnholyPimpin. I've further edited that since the release of Dystopian Playground so now some of the exploding bits start with negative Z-axis motion which was absent previously.

The sprites of the Sour Grape are based on BabyCaco by Yuraofthehairfan & osjclatchford. Of course I've edited them to my liking which includes a modified color palette. Be sure to incorporate this palette into your work if you include the Sour Grape. Otherwise, unpredictable visual results will occur! Also, one of the Sour Grape's sounds is courtesy of the Revenant fist swipe. That means this monster should only be used in Doom 2 mods for full audio effect.

The Sour Grape is included in Yavin's Clone, both as an individually spawned monster in Hurt Me Plenty DM and now as an offspring of sorts in Ultra-Violence DM. It gets launched from the arm cannons of the Carcinobus monster. This actually fulfills its purpose full circle back to its Lost Soul roots.

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