Shadow Revenant

Chap# 16178
Health 300
Speed 10
PainChance 100
Projectile attack RevenantTracer missile
Melee attack Revenant punch
Appears in Dystopian Playground

No special abilities with this one. It's merely a cosmetic upgrade. I wanted a Revenant which was super stealthy in dark corners but then used it in Dystopian Playground because I liked the ant colony look when peering over the top of the cliff overlooking the Sea of Fire. The Shadow Revenant will stay all black with glowing eyes unless it is attacking. Its melee attack yields shades of red but actually uses one frame of the original revenant. Its projectile attack will show a yellow-orangish fire look at the moment of firing. Once the missile has been fired, the next frame is a monochrome shades of grey before it completely fades to black again.

Don't use this monster with Doom 1! There were no Revenants in Doom 1. Since that one frame of animation listed above is already present in Doom 2, I don't include it in the file. Furthermore, its missile would be missing too!