Nukage Imp

Chap# 16142
Health 90
Speed 8
PainChance 50
Projectile attack Phusion Ball
Melee attack inherits Imp
Appears in Dwangoitch, MAP05 of Chap DM 3

The Nukage Imp filled my need to have an Imp which looked
like it belonged in green nukage soup. Since the Blood Imp
was already introduced in Map04 of Chap DM 3, I had to make
the Nukage Imp even tougher. So I gave it the capability of
the Blood Imp's better missile attack as well as its lower
PainChance but then bumped up its health by 1.5x. Obviously,
I needed to replace the Baron Ball with something that
contrasted with its green color. For comparison, see the
entry for DoomImp at

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