Chap Monsters

Seems like I'm adding a new monster or two every time I release a new level file. I think it's about time monsters had a dedicated portion of this website. All you have to do is click the monster links to the left for a page description of each of the monsters I've created. Each monster has its own page complete with a description and a download link to a zip file of a wad which contains all of the sprites, sounds and necessary DECORATE code to use the monster in your own creations.

Some of the monsters provided here depend on a custom color palette. Any that have shades of purple or aqua/powder blue will not display properly without this palette being present. Invoking this palette, however, will make other in-game items, which previously had shades of the dark-to-medium blues of Doom, not display correctly. These effects will be noticed in all kinds of strange places. Sometimes it's a wall texture or ceiling/floor flat. Other things, objects like the soulsphere and blue potion health bonuses will get really freaky to look at.

All monsters have an object placement number provided in the DECORATE code included in the file. It's a simple text lump which may be edited with a Doom editor such as SLADE. The numbers are listed on this website as "Chap#" and there's nothing set in stone about them. Thing numbers are kindof arbitrary. As long as you're not using an already used ID, you're free to change the number as you see fit.

Also, some of these monsters will not work correctly in a Doom 1 game. That's because they may depend on some element which was only present in Doom 2. Personally, I've never had any reason to make a Doom 1 wad map. I've always produced stuff for Doom 2 because I'm a "more is better" kindof guy.

There are new versions of Electrodemon and Sinister Brain monsters. If you downloaded either of these monsters between April and November of 2022, you should consider using the new versions available in their respective pages here.

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