There's a new deathmatch level here. It's called Mining Praxis. I don't think I should have to warn anybody what overmining a moon might do...
The baddies are up to their filthy evil again! Once again, this level's primary purpose is for playing in deathmatch on Zandronum. But, as is my habit of late, it is also a totally playable single-player Doom level complete with monsters. That's right! Shimmer is a floor wax and a dessert topping! Some of the monsters are newish. I mean, they've already been released in other levels here but they're making a comeback and some are actually improved versions. As always, this level can be both deathmatch and with monsters at the same time! In fact, you might have a hard time trying to kill all the monsters by yourself when in deathmatch mode.

Besides, improved monsters, this level also features some weapon improvements. Some things blow up in this level. I like blowing things up; it's trending. SinisterBrain gets blowed up real good.

This level is not for cooperative play, however. Past performance is not an indicator of future results. Terms and conditions may apply. Some side effects may occur. Some people experience a little discomfort with this level but can continue to go about their day.

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