Chap# 16209
Health 150
Speed 9
PainChance 120
Projectile attack None
Melee attack standard Demon gnawing
Appears in Mining Praxis, Monsta BBQ, Mo'Tanky Enemeesh

Mechademon, a.k.a. "Pegleg Pete", is a demon carved from the rock experiments of the Baddies while Mining Praxis. He has one mechanical robotic leg and his vision is augmented by virtual reality goggles. Upon death, there's a 25% chance that those goggles will be left behind intact. Beware, however, they're not made for humans!

The genesis of this monster was me wanting to have a demon who was partly camouflaged in levels using brown ASHWALL textures. The demon was adapted from one I'd begun in Chap Deathmatch 3 as Blue Demon Clone and got recolored from blue to purple in my current projects which use a modified color palette. Well, with this current recoloring, it no longer has any of that palette left on its "skin". I would like to thank Neoworm and Vader for the use of Pete's pegleg. He's a bit gimpy...

Blue Demon Clones meant to look camouflaged in water (ChapDM3)

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