A simple page with downloads and links to random stuff

H2H-Xmas demo pack. A full set of 32 demos on this classic Christmas-themed Doom2 megawad. Info, a few screenshots and a download link.

Doom demos. Some recent demos I have recorded, plus a few older ones that aren't available elsewhere. Each demo includes a textfile explaining what you need to view it. If you don't have a copy of Ultimate Doom or Doom2, you won't be able to watch them - sorry!

Some random chess games I have played. You'll need a PGN reader to view them, such as ChessBase Lite.

Links. Includes links to chess and doom resources, and other things I'm interested or involved in.

Downloads. A few miscellaneous files that can be downloaded from here. Includes Doom3!! ;)

About me. Mainly about my work and education. No twaddle about my favourite pop star, colour or inert gas (which is xenon, BTW).

New Zealand trip. Photos from my trip to New Zealand in September 2003. I was based in Queenstown, southern South Island. Most of the photos are taken in and around the Queenstown/Lake Wakatipu area, or in Fiordland.

Demo Recording Recommendations. Seven recommendations for Doom maps on which to record demos.

Made with Notepad, in case you hadn't guessed.