Gangsta Marine

Chap# 16163
Health 35
Speed 10
PainChance 170
Projectile attack Shoots mad capth at yo ath
Melee attack None
Appears in Mining Praxis and Yavin's Clone

This guy's essentially a Former Human/Possessed/Zombieman, whichever you prefer to call them. The difference being is the helmet and the pink jumpsuit. The original sprites are for a player skin by Boingo which made it into a wad called "OutMyAss" by Deathbringer. I believe the original color of the jumpsuit was Doom Marine green; I'm the one who gave him the pink hues. So, it's just a monster Marine that shoots at ya with a pistol instead of a rifle. Its shot sound is an actual recorded gunshot from some Barreta. I really like it and imagine that's what the pop-pop sound would've been if Ice Cube's Craig had actually wasted Tiny Lister's Deebo in the movie Friday. Upon death, Gangsta Marine drops two clips of ammo.