Chap# 16161
Health 225
Speed 10
PainChance 180
Projectile attack None
Melee attack Demon with a twist
Appears in Dystopian Playground, Monsta BBQ

Another monster inspired by one silly piece of artwork. I would love to credit the individual responsible for it too except...
I don't know who made it! This is what happens when I cache all kinds of Doom artwork on my computer that I stumble into with Google image search. In this case, it was a pretty small picture, like smaller than the 128x128 wall texture I stretched it to be wallpaper in my Dystopian Playground level. This makes me think it might even be somebody's avatar on a forum or something. If it's YOURS, please contact me so I can give you credit for the inspiration for this monster!

Anyhow, we have a Demon here with normal Speed and PainChance but 1.5x the Health. It's attack is basically the same numerically but it's visually different. Instead of gnawing your face off, this Demon breathes fire to give you a nice suntan. By the way, I spell it "Fyredemon" because when I was spelling it with an "I", I was generating a non-fatal error in Zandronum saying something to the effect of "redefining already made class FIREDEMON". Well, I looked it up and apparently, there's a creature named such in Heretic or Hexen which has that name and it's already internally defined with Zandronum. Go fish. MY Fyredemon here does not have a raise state defined as when it dies, instead of leaving a corpse, it goes up in flames! Speaking of flames, this monster is a Doom 2 only monster as the flames from its death sequence are provided by frames of the Archvile attack and not included internally in this file.

Inspiring artwork needs author identification.

I finally found whose profile picture this is (was)! I don't know you Ebon but thank you! Thank you for inspiring me to create this Fyredemon monster used in my Dystopian Playground map. At the time of this writing, that map is well over a year old now! Worse than that, however, is that Ebon hasn't visited DoomWorld since January of 2007. I hope you are well wherever you are and whatever you're doing!

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