Chap# 16166
Health 300
Speed 10
PainChance 180
Projectile attack Electrocution
Melee attack standard Demon gnawing
Appears in Mining Praxis, Yavin's Clone, Monsta BBQ, Mo'Tanky Enemeesh

This is a new version of Electrodemon monster. This version corrects a sprite resource collision between the monster and Doom2's internal tech pillar actor. If you downloaded this monster between May and November of 2022, you are strongly advised to download and use this new version. Original description follows:

This is a Demon with double the Health of the normally Doom Demon. Besides its default face-gnawing melee attack, the Electrodemon has a ranged attack which takes the form of electricity. The attack works similiarly to an Archvile attack but instead of flames, the attackee sees lightning. The actual damage inflicted from this attack is as close to zero as I could make it as I wanted the player to experience the WTF?! "shock" value. While it doesn't seem too dangerous, remember this Demon takes twice the hits to put down. The monster closet in Yavin's Clone's UV deathmatch mode springs seven of them at one time. That little damage number adds up really fast when it's multiplied by many of these assassins! Super shotgun lovers are going to be the most frustrated with these pests since the ranged attack accumulates damage over the added time it takes to wipe out the monster's health.

Monster infighting is a real treat to watch with this one! (See the larger moving picture I've included at the bottom of this page.) A word of caution:
This monster has a custom color palette and if you don't use it, I have NO IDEA what it'll look like. Furthermore, if you DO use the palette, be prepared to find other things in your work may have some funky colors wherever a hue of blue would be used. It'll now be either a shade of aqua or a shade of purple!

electrodemon original pic original electrodemon description
The original concept was by Enjay. I've placed the original description here which was harvested from the Internet Archive's rememberence of NiGHTMARE's haunt. Know that MY DECORATE code does NOT match this description, however.
For instance, MY Electrodemon has 300 hitpoints and of course, all of the ranged attack is different.

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