The following is one of the results of a little Internet Archive mining I've been doing lately. I found this very old (Oct. 2000) prose which just jumped off of the page to me. Besides finding it hilarious, I feel that I mostly agree. I've donated the Downloads section of this page to Berry Creek Software's deathmatch map offerings.

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People often ask us... nothing actually. But if they did ask us something, I'll bet it would be "Why do you guys keep playing and designing for DOOM when games like Duke Nukem 3D and Quake are out?" The frightening response boils down to this, "We prefer DOOM." Sure Duke has some keen weapons, and Quake is ridiculously cool when you look at all the awesome stuff you can do with QuakeC. But we actually tried some Quake DeathMatches. Heck, I've mopped the floor with over half of the computer lab assistants from Sierra College (not at the school mind you) trying to get the thrill of an eight player LAN match to catch hold of me. But when Berry Creek gets together on the weekend, no one's licking their lips over LAN Quake. Nope. We play DOOM, lots of DOOM. We've played DOOM almost every weekend since around October, 1995.

Any sane person would naturally have to ask why we would do such a thing. Aren't DN3D and Quake better games? I don't think so, and neither do the rest of the Berry Creek DeathMatchers. Duke Nukem came and went without us even firing up our network cards. The levels didn't look like much fun to DM on, and we found the whole game pretty dull. Quake, which we all wanted to blow DOOM out of the water, was initially exciting but didn't match up in the end. We all have our reasons for loving that old sprite based madhouse called DOOM more than any other game around. Here are mine.


In DOOM, your marine can outrun a rocket. This blazing speed lends itself to ridiculous, Jackie Chan style maneuvers like rocket dodging, and makes the duels the quick and deadly affairs we've learned to love from anime movies like Ninja Scroll.

Weapon Balance

While not all weapons are created equal, the DOOM guns are one of the most balanced sets around. While many people fear the BFG and plasma, there are a lot of levels where keeping your cool and playing to the strengths of whatever gun you have is far more important than slinging a cell muncher.

Fear Factor

The higher speed, more intense reddening of the screen with respect to injury, and larger group of highly lethal weapons make DOOM more of an edge of your seat experience.

The Little Things

  • You don't need a Pentium to make levels quickly and easily.
  • The delicious frame rate and smooth control of DOOM.
  • Weapons that sway as opposed to the faintly disturbing in and out motion of Quake's guns.
  • The high pitched "woman scream" that a well placed rocket can produce. In fact, DOOM2 has better sounds for DM just generally.
  • More quality DM levels.
  • Sprites that look good from 8 angles as opposed to polygons which look somewhat cheesy from an infinite number. :) (I'm sure I'll change my tune on this one, but I've grown very fond of the DOOM marine.)

Final Note

It all boils down to this, for twitch of death action in outstanding levels, DOOM has not been beaten by either Duke or Quake as far as we are concerned. We've spent some time modifying Quake to give us more of what we wanted from it, but it wasn't panning out and there weren't really any good levels to play on anyway. I'm sure we'll take another stab a Quake. Heck, we may even learn to prefer the slower pace of its large levels and pea shooter shotguns. But for the time being... DOOM rules!

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