Chuckie Chaingunner

Chap# 16210
Health 70
Speed 8
PainChance 170
Projectile attack modified rapidfire rockets
Melee attack none
Appears in Monsta BBQ, Mo'Tanky Enemeesh

Mmmm... I wanted a green Chaingunner in ChapDM3. But every time I would load somebody else's graphics in, which were green, in game, I'd get tan color Chaingunners. I was able to display the green Chaingunner on a wall/billboard as a texture and that worked out fine.

It's later on now and I did my own recolor of Chaingunner which does look green in game. During the intervening years, I'd read on Doomworld plenty of crabbing about maps with too many "hitscanners". Initially, I didn't understand that term. Apparently, it has something to do with the mechanics of the shots of Zombiemen, Shotgunguy and Chaingunners. I always accepted the chances of being hit by those enemies as just part of DooM. Upon further thought though, I have been annoyed with distance hits by the Chaingunner in the past. Playing Plutonia comes immediately to mind. I decided to change the attack of my Chaingunner to a rocket attack. Now we can see the shots coming at us!

So I first put this enemy into my Monsta BBQ map. While working on Mo'Tanky Enemeesh, I refined "Chuckie" a bit; I added a beam-in sequence similiar to what I'd done with my Borg Shotguy. Unlike the Borg, Chuckie leaves a body on the floor which can/may be resurrected by Archviles. The way I coded Chuckie's DECORATE, he drops a chaingun-variant called "Changegun" about a quarter of the time. The rest of the time he drops a Box of Ammo instead. I know I said I made its attack based on rocket but it still uses bullet ammo like the regular chaingun. As for the included code for the Changegun, I was annoyed with the normal DooM muzzle-flash in Monsta BBQ so I took it away from the graphics in Mo'Tanky Enemeesh and that's how I provide it here.

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