Chap Deathmatch 3

Chap Deathmatch 3 is HERE!

Final-fricken-ly!! It's smaller than the original eleven level wad I'd envisioned. But you know what? That's okay! Why?! Because the stuff that didn't make the cut got cut for good reasons, such as, it would take too much effort to complete in a lifetime, or it just sucked. Do you want to play DooM levels that suck?! Of course not! So, I got rid of the stuff that just wasn't panning out well and I could see no good direction for in the future. Then, I enhanced the stuff that I had that was actually good and made them great!

Work on Chap Deathmatch 3 begun almost immediately after the release of Chap Deathmatch 2 in 2014. Unfortunately, it got slid to the back burner in 2016. Thanks to the great Covid-19 lockdown of 2020, I was able to pull it off of that back burner and start cooking again! This work had hit several snags along the way including me finding out very recently that ZDoom is no longer an active project. I missed it happening because it was officially killed in 2016. Who knew?

Deathmatch with Monsters mode will be using a new separate wad file. Alot has changed since the Monster Resource Wad was released in 2004. I'd decided to build my own custom pack this time. Two, unlike Chap Deathmatch 2 and the original Chap Deathmatch, Chap Deathmatch 3 does not support the ZDaemon port.

nightmare begins
robotron industries
aerial reconnaissance
mushroom outpost
blood red blindness
go old school
bringin up oldshit
and something new
retreated sewage

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