...Carcinobi ?

Chap#s 16866-16871
Health 500, 600, 1200, it depends
Speed 8
PainChance 80
Projectile attack FatAttack and SourShot
Melee attack none
Appears in Yavin's Clone, Monsta BBQ, Mo'Tanky Enemeesh, Even More Pink

The idea of Carcinobus was spawned from my experiments with the Cacolauncher in Dystopian Playground. If I could launch a mini-Cacodemon from a rocket launcher, could a monster launch another monster? Why not? I already had the Mechademon which would spawn a monster (its leg!) as a drop-item upon its own death. That was seriously funny shit, btw...

So I got to work. It took me a little bit of reading how FatAttack worked and then merging that with my meager knowledge in Doom rocket science. By the time I'd finished Yavin's Clone, I had just what I wanted. Some of the time, Carcinobus launches its normal FatShot and some of the time what I called SourShot. The SourShot missile upon its death spawns the Sour Grape monster.

All Carcinobus incarnations use some kind of custom color palette. I likey the purples in my personal maps of the last couple of years. Then, I was involved in some Doomworld community project that leaned heavily on the color pink. While working on the deathmatch portion of that project's map, I remembered about a year earlier, I was monkeying with a thing called Deathmatch Warmup. I'd customized this to my liking and threw a copy of my original purple/green-spotted Carcinobus into the machine where DMW used it as "comic relief". Instead of hearing the normal Mancubus firing sound, one would hear the sound of the BFG firing but in total sync with the firing frames of the Mancubus. No shot would actually come out though. There was never any danger to the player. Anyhow, I thought it would go along nicely with the deathmatch portion of this project's map. Since my purple hues were nowhere to be found in this project's assets, I did a full color conversion adhering to the pinkishness of the wad.

I'm going to provide all three color schemes of Carcinobus in this downloadable asset as well as the code and graphics for the Master Blaster player weapon. There's just so many directions one can take with this. For instance, in one case, I was using Carcinobus as a sortof demi-boss monster. Upon its death, not only did it drop a Master Blaster and an energy Cellpack for the player to use but it was also providing the green keycard used to get the hell out of the exit on the map!

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