Chap# 16179
Health 400
Speed 8
PainChance 128
Projectile attack inherits Cacodemon
Melee attack inherits Cacodemon
Appears in Yavin's Clone, Dystopian Playground, Monsta BBQ

I had a need to edit Cacodemon sprites to work with my custom color palette. The monster when semi-idle was fine but when it opened its mouth to fire a Caco ball at ya, the fact that I'd monkeyed with the standard Doom palette was evident and not cohesive. I was further inspired by Indecom4000's transitional work on a new Cacodemon. I liked the lighting in one particular rear three-quarter shot which ended up highlighting the Caco to a shade of orange. After creating the Cacodemental, I looked at this artwork again and decided to include it as wallpaper in the Dystopian Playground level. I had to actually quarter the original artwork into four separate wall textures in order to display it large enough to do it justice. The monster itself was just used as a straight up replacement for the Cacodemon. The Cacodemental's fireball has been recolored as well. Cacodemental's death sequence features a particle explosion accompanied by some popping noises. Random bounciness for that particle explosion courtesy of inspiration from Modohfun!.pk3 by Darsycho and UnholyPimpin. Thank you Ron Dallas for turning me on to that mod! Oh! The eye is from Plasma Elemental by The Ultimate Doomer.

Indecom4000's incremental artwork inspiration.

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