Borg Shotguy

Chap# 16164
Health 35
Speed 8
PainChance 170
Projectile attack same as shotguy
Melee attack none
Appears in Mining Praxis, Yavin's Clone, Monsta BBQ, Mo'Tanky Enemeesh

This shotguy started as a slightly stronger shotguy (35 health > 30 health) for a single player wad file which has been temporarily abandoned. While working on Mining Praxis, I looked at the shotguys I'd placed in the maze and thought, the Borg Shotguy would work really well with this kind of lighting. Now, he's not sitting around on a hard drive gathering dust.

As with many of my monsters here, Borg Shotguy is using that custom color palette I made for this other project. Any color anomolies you see using him should only appear in its PAIN and DEATH states. If you look at the DECORATE code, you'll see that he's not a straight up 1-for-1 replacement. Rather, I used a random spawner that replaces the shotguys in a level. This allowed me to customize the DropItem. As coded here, there's only a 25% chance Borg Shotguy will drop a shotgun upon death. The other 75% chance yields shotgun shell ammo instead. This was a personal taste issue for me. When injecting a larger amount of the same enemy, I thought that it looks really stupid to have craploads of shotguns sitting around. Ammo, somehow, doesn't look as stupid.

Speaking of differences during death, Borg Shotguy has his own death sound included in the SNDINFO lump also included. Borg Shotguy does not have an XDeath state because I wanted only the beam out method of his death. And since he disappears into thin air without leaving a body on the ground, there's also no Raise state for Archviles to resurrect from.

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