Monsta BBQ, a single-player map

Get out your copy of Zandronum and hook up this dope monster infested map of Doom! Okay, it's actually not that infested. Only 104 monsters on Ultraviolence skill level but I'm willing to bet you've not seen monsters like these before. Every single monster used in this game has been modified to my liking. Heh-heh; I like my monsters to be colorful.. sortof.

For years, I've used a wall logo in maps produced by me which also has a fictitious name, Robotron Industries. Throughout the course of producing this map and the monsters within, I've been delving into the deeper recesses of my mind's past to fully explore some of the ramifications of the plot of the old arcade video game, Robotron:2084. The whole thing started with an idea of Doom meeting up with Star Trek TNG's Borg enemies. The monsters I'd already produced were from some different deathmatch maps released over the last two years. In one, there was the mechanizing of Doom's demon's leg and obscure references to Star Trek VI's Klingon moon, Praxis. In another, I explored the idea of an infectious disease being spread between monsters which resulted in green spotting on their purple bodies. This time, I wanted some real boss monsters so I tinkered with Doom's big baddies, the Spider Mastermind and the Cyberdemon.

My mind can sure wander all over the place when I spend three and a half months putting something like this together. Not like there's really a cohesive narrative that goes with this but a smattering of convoluted ideas slapped together. I guess something like, "...not content with their nefarious use of cybernetics and biological warfare experiments, the evil robot-monster masses began enhancing their abilities through a dabbling with sports-grade steroids".

Although I personally use Zandronum with this map and highly recommend it to others as well, this map has been tested to function with ZDoom and LzDoom as well. I've not tested with GzDoom (always sounds like "cheesy Doom") but see no reason why it shouldn't get along with that ZDoom-based port as well. However, attempting to load Monsta BBQ into other ports such as Woof, ZDaemon, Odamex, DSDA-Doom, PrBoom-derivatives, Eternity, Crispy Doom, etc. is not recommended. Your results may vary but from my testing, it can yield anything from a warning about the map format not being supported, a complete engine crash, or a map that loads but has strange anomolies such as missing walls/textures or it has crusher ceilings which I did not deploy in the authoring of the map.

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